Sunday, January 11, 2009

Park City

So I have begun on my journey of a photo a week. I used to love taking photos, in high school I love photography so much that they started a photo 3 class just for me, and in college I would spend all night in the dark room perfecting my photos. For some reason I have stopped doing what I love and because of this it has become hard to start up again. But luckily my loving husband bought me my very own digital camera and is encouraging me to start again. So don't expect award winning photographs for awhile since I feel like I am retraining my eye to see things through a lens again.

This past weekend we went to Park City for one night with some friends of ours. My grandmothers cabin, where we stayed, has a unique collection of antiques and nicknacks. This photo is one of them. I liked the contrast of the wood paneling, the rope, and the texture of the glaze on the ceramic. I also thought that the lighting added a nice warmth the photo.

My Grandmothers cabin is about 10min walking distance away from main street and so we decided to bundle up and go for a walk. I love Park City for its older homes, unique architecture, and fun shops. On our way home we saw this dog. I have no idea what type of dog it is since I am not an animal lover, but I thought that it was a good image because of the contrasts of textures and shapes.


  1. how fun! i look forward to viewing your upcoming pics! :)

  2. I love it!! You are so talented and have a great eye for it.